Our Firm

Let's start at the beginning...

When AurorA was originally formed, we knew immediately that in order to be of maximum value to our clients, we needed to be INDEPENDENT and chose not to be aligned with a giant "parent company."

We believed then, as we believe today, that it was more important to ensure our clients receive the benefit of professional guidance with OBJECTIVITY, rather than maintain allegiance to some parent company that manufactures its own proprietary "house products."

In this way, we can and do present each and every individual and corporate client with unique CUSTOMIZED STRATEGIES—objective and carefully focused on the achievement of their personal lifestyle goals.

We also knew that in order to truly excel for our clientele, we couldn't be all things to all people—so, we chose to specialize in the disciplines of pre- and post-retirement planning, lump-sum retirement planning, wealth preservation, risk management, and estate planning.

The AurorA team is licensed and credentialed in the relevant professional disciplines essential to your overall financial success. Further, we believe that "Successful financial planning is not just a matter of buying and selling stocks and bonds."  We are therefore COMPREHENSIVE in scope. We guide you through every aspect of your financial needs, from automobile and homeowner insurance, all the way through to your will, trust, and inheritance planning.

It is our professional opinion ... The only way to achieve true success in your financial planning endeavors is to analyze, address, and control all the major threats to your overall financial security. If you are like most people, you probably have a car insurance agent, a tax preparer, a life insurance agent, and an investment professional—BUT in the absence of a comprehensive plan, oftentimes the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. 

For example, if you have a well-designed investment portfolio, but your automobile insurance coverage is not integrated properly, one skid through a stop sign could put at risk all that took you a lifetime to accumulate!

Another example to further illustrate the need for comprehensive planning would be that if over the years you built a sizable estate, in the absence of proper will, trust, and beneficiary planning, your family may relinquish a large part of their inheritance in the form of probate fees and taxation that could have otherwise been legitimately avoided.

That is why it is so very critical to take a COMPREHENSIVE planning approach to ensure that every aspect of your financial life works in harmony to provide true security to you and your family. 

Successful financial planning is the result of making confident and informed decisions, that consistently lead to and maintain financial security, prosperity, and most important, peace of mind.